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Your story in pictures

Your memories are a gift

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    Capture your adventures

    The last summer holiday, the dream wedding of your best friend or all the special moments of your offspring, everyone wants to capture those beautiful memories and share them with others. Capture those moments in a special way – with the Photocube!

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    A slightly different collection

    Your personal Photocube is handmade and crafted using only high-quality paper and solid materials. Create your Collection, choose the compact Photocube with 12 images. Or choose the panoramic cube, suitable for group photos and landscape images.

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    Free worldwide delivery

    No matter where you come from or wherever you are, we will send your created cube worldwide for free. Whether during your holiday trip or for a relative living far away, we make it possible!

Pictures describe our life. Nowadays we share our photos through social media. We believe that special moments should never lose their charm. The most beautiful times should be shared personally with family and friends. That's the motto of Cubarino!

Frequently asked questions

+ How many images fit on a photocube?

We provide two varieties of photocubes. The compact photocube consists of 12 different images. The panoramic cube of 10 (8 rectangular and two landscape images).

+ How does the photocube work?

The mechanism is not so simple to put into words. It is an infinitely flipping cube and in every flip another picture appears. This animation should illustrate it:

+ What are the delivery times?

Within the EU about 5-7 working days. Outside the EU, times may vary.

+ Do I require an app to create my photocube?

No. Whether by smartphone, tablet or PC, the photocube can be easily created and ordered on our website.

+ Can I place several different cubes in one order??

Not yet, but we work on it. You can order only one created photo cube in different quantities per purchase.

+ Can I also offer your product in my online shop?

For cooperation topics contact us: info@cubarino.com

Hold your memories in your hands